Arborglyph Extravaganza!

Stewardship Opportunities

In collaboration with our agency partner, the Bureau of Land Management, ESIA sponsored the 6th Annual Arborglyph Extravaganza where twelve eager volunteers joined forces to document the historic messages left behind by Basque sheepherders.

Using aspen trees as their canvas, the herders used ten-penny nails, fingernails, and small pocketknives to carve records of their experiences trailing sheep in the Sierra Nevada for over a century.

The 6th Annual Arborglyph Extravaganza was a huge success where the twelve volunteers documented over 69 trees, many with multiple carvings, and donated 208 hours of volunteer time to the Bureau of Land Management. This event is coordinated by Nancy Hadlock and Richard Potashin of AspenLuv.

Read the full report from 2017

Group of ESIA volunteers out in the aspen trees
Arborglyph by sheep herders of a boxer in an aspen tree
Arborglyph by sheep herders on aspen trees
Arborglyph of the name Ramon in an aspen tree