In partnership with the Inyo National Forest, ESIA develops and presents an ongoing Authors and Artists Series. The community-focused series features presentations by the authors and artists featured at ESIA bookstores.
You can find work highlighted in the Author and Artists Series at ESIA’s online store or at the seventeen ESIA-operated Forest Service and National Park Service visitor center bookstores.
Upcoming Author and Artist events can be found on this page under “Upcoming Events” and on our event calendar.
We hope to see you there!

Our Spring 2022 series brings two local authors and a local photographer to the Mammoth Lakes Welcome Center for three weeks of in-person evening presentations:

Kendra Atleework, Miracle Country- A Memoir

Sandy Powell, Cowboy Culture- Capturing the Spirit of the Old West in the Sierra Nevada

Lauren DeLaunay Miller, Valley Of Giants – Stories from Women at the Heart Of Yosemite Climbing

Upcoming Events