Molly Trauscht outside staff photoWe are very pleased to announce that Molly Trauscht has joined our team at the Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association as the Communications & Membership Manager. In this role she will be responsible for promoting the Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association’s mission, to “educate and inspire people about Eastern Sierra public lands through high quality interpretive products, exhibits, and programs”, through her assistance with the interpretive programs and social media platforms. Additionally, Molly will be leading the member donor campaign.

As a non-profit partner with the U.S. Forest Service and U.S. National Park Service, the Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association through its’ educational programs help build a strong connection between the public and the Sierra Nevada.Our member donor campaign is critical in providing the means to continue our mission, fund educational and interpretive programs, and support our partner agencies.Your donation allows the Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association to continue to educate and inspire the public to explore, protect, and care for this special region.To learn more about the Member Donor Program.

Molly grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. From a young age she quickly fell in love with the unique landscapes and formations of the Wasatch Mountains to the red rocks of southern Utah. This passion carried on as she completed her bachelor’s degrees in Geography and Geology at the University of Utah and her masters degree in Geology from Portland State University. With her teaching experience at Portland State University, volunteer experience with the USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory, and love of the Sierra Nevada we anticipate a nearly seamless transition into this position. Please join us as we welcome Molly to our staff!