Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association (ESIA) is pleased to announce that Wils Cain has joined the team as Communications and Membership Manager. In this role he will be responsible for promoting the interpretive programs that forge strong emotional and intellectual bonds between visitors and residents of the unique surrounding landscape of the Sierra Nevada. In addition, Wils will be responsible for driving ESIA’s membership program, fundraising events, volunteer programs, and contributing to the interpretive programs that educate and inspire our public land visitors. Molly Trauscht, who previously held this role, has taken on a new and expanded role of Program Operations Manager where she will focus her efforts on overseeing all educational programs and events.

As the official non-profit partner with the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. National Park Service, and the Bureau of Land Management, ESIA helps build a strong connection between the public and the Sierra Nevada through its educational programs and events. Our member campaign is critical in providing the means to continue our mission, fund educational and interpretive programs, and support our partner agencies. Donations and member contributions allow the Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association to continue to educate and inspire the public to explore, protect, and care for this special region. To learn more about the Sierra Partner Membership Program, please visit https://esiaonline.org/join-us.

Wils has 29 years of marketing experience, approximately 20 of those in global marketing director roles. His marketing experience and passion for the outdoors is the perfect combination for this new position. Passion for the outdoors led him to relocate from the northeast U.S. to Bishop, CA, and he’s eager to help the public feel the same connection. You can find Wils throughout the Eastern Sierra, running, hiking, kayaking, snow shoeing, walking his dogs, talking to cows, and sniffing trees.