Beautiful yet strange this night was. Often, when I could not sleep, I would get up, go outside into the fresh air and ponder the gazillion stars overhead. I think most people’s imagination comes alive when one walks in the dark. As I meandered slowly through the forest, something distracted the corner of my eye. I saw what looked to be a very small person just ahead of me. I quickly followed this little being but could not keep up. Startling me, he suddenly jumped smack dab in my path. My heart raced considerably, for I had never seen any living thing that looked quite like him. The little fellow standing in front of me smiled, extended his rather large hand and said, “Hi John. I’m Moffee, Moffee Vicket.” An unusual name, I thought. But the question was how did he know my name? At times when I looked at Moffee, it seemed as though he was taller or shorter than at other times; but always proportionate for the situation. He was very pudgy and had a comforting and disarming countenance about him. Even though I didn’t speak my thoughts out loud, Moffee turned toward me and said, “Gnomes are supposed to be pudgy.” And he laughed. After very little conversation, one could tell he was quite serious about the enjoyment of life. Moffee bid me to walk with him, and so my life changing story began.