Get out and get back home with tips from this book. Traveling into the wilderness with just your pack on your back clears the mind and is an empowering experience. Allen and Mike’s Really Cool Backpackin’ Book, written and illustrated by two guys who spend most of their lives in the woods, provides information on dressing and packing for the outdoors, equipment, travel techniques, campcraft, trip planning, outdoor hazards, low-impact camping and more. PRODUCT FEATURES: Beginners will find this book a perfect introduction to the backpacking world Experienced Backpackers are certain to pick up a few more tricks from this thoroughly informative and entirely entertaining book Author: Allen O’Bannon; illustrated by Mike Clelland 100960 , Allen and Mikes Really Cool Backpackin’ Book , How to guide , guide book , instruction , instructional manual , how to book , backpacking , camping , wilderness ISBN: 9781560449126 ASIN: 1560449128