By Donald Beard (Author) Residents of a mining camp in California have named their community “Body” after William Body, a smithy who deserted his family in New York, moved to California, located a mine, and perished in a blizzard. But citizens are tired of jokey references to the spelling of the name, and elders in the camp decide to change the town’s name to “Bodie.”To mark the occasion, they recover Body’s remains and schedule a funeral and town rechristening on the Fourth of July. News of the grand event makes its way to New York and sets off a battle in Daniel Owen’s household, a battle which becomes intense when Billie Owen discovers she’s the sole offspring of William Body.A plucky gal with Dime-novel credentials, Billie rebels and heads west to honor her true father. Upon arriving in camp, Billie learns her father died from a radial fracture to the head. Within days, Billie’s friend Rusty winds up at the end of a rope. Suddenly, there are killers on the loose and vigilantes in the streets. Can Billie discover the truth behind the deaths of her father and her friend in time? ISBN-10 : 0595364527 ISBN-13 : 978-0595364527