By Sue Irwin (Author) California’s Eastern Sierra: A Visitor’s Guide explores and celebrates a unique western landscape. A rugged country of enchanting beauty, the Eastern Sierra lies at the junction of the Sierra Nevada, Great Basin, and Mojave Desert. The heart of this vast region is the eastern slope of the Sierra, extending from the 14,000-foot ramparts of Mount Whitney to the glacier-scoured peacks west of Mono Basin. No other area of North America encompasses more dramatic mountain and desert scenery, and this guidebook is the ideal companion for discovering its diverse natural history and fascinating human past. California’s Eastern Sierra: A Visitor Guide features more than 100 scenic and historic destinations. Some of the renowned landmarks and natural wonders it covers are Mount Whitney, Mammoth Lakes, Devil’s Postpile, Mono Lake, Bodie ghost town, and the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. ISBN-10 : 9780962850509 ISBN-13 : 978-0962850509