Are you getting the most out of your workout? Learn key aerobic and strength training concepts to design and improve your exercise program. Incorporate dynamic, new functional strength and balance exercises into your workout. These exercises will help you gain strength, tone, balance and agility. They will also help you to improve your performance and decrease risks of injuries in any outdoor activity. This book is written by a team of physicians, athletic and fitness trainers and physical therapists and is one of the most comprehensive and practical books on exercise available. Initially it covers the basics of aerobic and strength training along with stretching, warm-up, nutrition, movement awareness, training outdoors and training strategies. The second section covers the muscles in a regional fashion, teaching how they work, what imbalances develop and how one region relates to other regions. Conventional exercises are shown along with new functional exercises which challenge your muscles the way they are used in real life and in outdoor activities. The third section gives exercise training programs for many outdoor activities including: skiing(alpine, telemark, skate and cross-country), snowboarding, running, cycling, hiking, climbing, windsurfing, kayaking and canoeing. Safety of exercise, injury prevention, proper movement patterns and improving function are emphasized. Whether you simply want to learn more about exercise, improve your performance in activities or put some diversity and fun into your workouts this book is for you. The exercises in the abdominal chapter alone are worth the price of the book. If you are a health care provider, this book is an invaluable tool to give you a virtual encyclopedia of exercises that you can assign to help people meet their various exercise goals. ISBN-10: 089886450X ISBN-13: 978-0898864502