Our Rare Serums are made with exquisite plants & trees sourced from North America. The nature of our oil serums is delicate, packed with protein rich, organic ingredients to bring you the ultimate skin & hair nourishing experience. Creosote Bush is one of the oldest living plants on the planet. One plant growing in the deserts of North America is well over 10,000 yrs old. The desert dwelling, Native Americans called this unique plant greasewood because of its rich aroma. They utilized its medicinal qualities for many applications including dry skin & contact dermatitis. Organic Oils – golden jojoba, organ, sweet almond, apricot kernel, sea buckthorn, hempseed, red raspberry, rose hip Wild Infusions – wild rose pollen, rosa multiflora hips, evening primrose, usea moss, creosote flower & leaf Wild foraged aromatics & steam distilled essential oils – creosote bush, golden hare flower, snakeweed, rabbitbrush, dwarf mountain juniper Each bottle is infused, formulated, measured & poured by hand to ensure perfect balance & harmony of these truly rare concoctions. Unisex. Apply a few drops to face, beard & hair. .5 oz glass bottle with dropper.