By Margaret Anderson, Nancy Field, Karen Stephenson Illustrated by Michael Maydak Discovering Black Bears is a nature activity book that explores the natural history of the American black bear, its behavior and habitat. It also covers bear-human conflicts and how problems can be resolved. This engaging book, aimed at children of all ages, introduces the reader to real-life bear biologists, who have new insights into bear behavior. Discovering Black Bears has full color illustrations, a sheet of black bear stickers, and contains 20 activities designed to challenge children’s minds. • Explore the black bear’s world • Meet real bear researchers • Investigate dens • What’s for dinner? Mostly veggies! • Become a scat detective • Survive three years as a bear — if you can This book is an excellent resource for Project Wild Discovering Black Bears has won the following awards: • Mom’s Choice Award • Foreword Magazine Finalist – Book of the Year in both Nature and Hobbies ISBN: 978-0-941042-37-6