By: Leslie Tillett Full-blown dahlias, the amusing burro tail; delicate anemones, and gorgeous irises! Few gardens offer as exotic a variety as does this creative one composed by the noted designer and craft author Leslie Tillett. His delightful coloring book of floral compositions includes 26 separate plates (one for each letter of the alphabet), displaying attractive designs of flowers and plants whose names begin with the letter shown on the plate. Adults as well as youngsters can test themselves to see how many they can recognize. Roses, radishes, and raspberries should offer few problems. Pansies, peas, and poppies should also be easy to spot. On the other hand, items such as Dutchman’s breeches, dianthus, frangipani tree, foxglove, guavas, and gooseberries may send some would-be gardeners hurrying to the back of the book where keys identify all plants and flowers included in this unique collection. Colorists of all ages will find The Floral Alphabet Coloring Book educational and fun to use. ISBN 10 0486255115 ISBN 13 9780486255118