By Jean Muenchrath (Author) Best Book Awards Finalist — Travel & Essays Category (sponsored by the American Book Fest). –An inspiring memoir about a courageous woman’s survival and recovery from an adventure-induced trauma–and the power of her dreams to overcome tragedy and live life to the fullest. Her wild adventure turned into a nightmare. After skiing more than 200 miles through the wilderness along California’s John Muir Trail, Jean faces death from a mountaineering accident on Mount Whitney. Broken and bleeding on the highest peak in the continental United States, she vows to realize her greatest dreams if she lives until morning. Her escape from the Sierra Nevada Mountains turns into an amazing five-day survival story. Jean’s recovery is equally daunting. In this outdoor adventure memoir, her three-decade journey takes her from the depths of despair and chronic pain, to the heights of the Himalayas and on travels around the world. When the specter of Mount Whitney continues to shatter her life, Jean befriends Tibetan lamas. Their ancient wisdom guides her on a path beyond her wildest dreams. I Live Until Morning, A True Story of Adventure, Tragedy and Transformation, is a dramatic, candid and insightful memoir about a women’s personal journey of overcoming adversity with courage, determination and forgiveness as a foundation for resilience. ISBN-10 : 069295581X ISBN-13 : 978-0692955819