* Basic camping information followed by activity-specific advice * The only multi-activity camping book available * Covers trip preparation, site and equipment selection, and breaking camp No matter how you plan to enjoy the backcountry — by foot, water, bike, or skis — there are some basic steps to creating a home away from home. This manual will help you avoid mishaps and effectively plan the camping component of your trip. Gleaned from the life-time experiences of four Backpacker field experts, this compendium of advice, checklists, suggestions, priorities, rules of thumb, and special considerations presents the best from the best. Whether you’re planning a two-week backpack on the Pacific Crest Trail, a week-long canoe trip in Upper Michigan, your first winter weekend in the snow, or a fat-tire tour through fall aspens, you’ll want to know the drill. Learn how to select sites, arrange your kitchen, build a port-a-potty, pitch a tent, build a fire, and leave no trace. All the details of starting, making, and breaking camp are not created equal, so read what the experts have to say before leaving home. ISBN-10: 0898865220 ISBN-13: 978-0898865226