By DeAnna Brandt (Author), Laura Holte (Author) Educators have long known about the positive effects that come from journaling. This log book is designed to help build the self-esteem of kids through creating something of their own―their own artwork, written observations―their own keepsake! Inside are: 58 log pages that gently guide kids to record their important observations, both written and drawn! A nature fact, game, experiment, craft, or way to help nature is included on each one! 14 Notes/Photos/Art pages to paste a photo, do more artwork, press a leaf or flower! 2 QuickLog pages to quickly see what you have logged in and when a Log Tips page for special hints on using this log. Bring this log on your next outing! Play some games, do an experiment, make a craft! Write down what you see, draw it! Does it make a sound? Does it move? How many are there? Have fun, enjoy nature! ISBN-10: 1885061544 ISBN-13: 978-1885061546