Did you know that white-tailed bucks eat the bloody velvet shed from their antlers? Or that bobcats use their tongues as toilet paper? Or that leopard frogs barf so hard their stomach comes out of their mouth? Nature�s Yucky! 3, the third installment in the Nature�s Yucky! series, dishes up the disgusting-yet-fascinating explanations for these odd behaviors as well as those of thirteen other denizens of the eastern United States. The book�s dazzling full-color illustrations and writing that begs to be read out loud will mesmerize younger children, whereas in-depth information in the �More Fun Facts� appendix will grab the attention of older children and adults. All readers will enjoy the bird-poop caterpillar pretzels that can be made from the included recipe. Nature may be yucky, but Nature’s Yucky! 3 illuminates how the nauseating traits of animals help make the natural world a diverse and interesting place.