The Wild West has a whole new brand of outlaw noxious weeds. They steal space from native plants, poison livestock, and blatantly trespass where they are not wanted. Author Karen Sackett informs readers of all ages of the wily ways of weeds, including the creepy trickster Dalmatian toadflax, which looks like a garden snapdragon but spreads long distances underground, and the hitchhiking outlaw hounds tongue, whose Velcro-like burrs cling to fur and clothes. You’ll learn how special agents in weed control insects and goats are reining in these outlaws, and you’ll find out what you can do to help. Aliases, mug shots, and hangouts of the West’s ten worst outlaw weeds are described in the Most Not Wanted section of the book. Hilarious cartoons, detailed botanical drawings, and colorful photographs will help budding weed vigilantes track down their quarry.