Plan & Go | High Sierra Trail is the ultimate guide to hiking the 72-mile route from the Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park to Whitney Portal at the base of Mt. Whitney. In a clear and concise manner, the book describes the highlights and unique characteristics of the ‘HST’ and provides all the essential planning information to save you time and effort with your own preparations. Supported by step-by-step instructions and first-hand recommendations, you will be well-equipped and feel more confident about completing this memorable adventure in the California Sierra Nevada. The book provides answers to the following questions (and more): How do I prepare for the HST? How many days will it take me? When is the best time to go? How do I obtain a permit? What kind of gear works best? How do I get there and back? What are my camping options? In addition, Plan & Go | High Sierra Trail offers practical advice on athletic training, which food to pack and in what quantities, how to select appropriate gear, and various other essentials for the trail. The book further includes a detailed elevation profile of the trail along with a comprehensive campsite listing to help you create an itinerary that best suits your personal preferences. The wealth of facts and figures is topped off with the entertaining and motivating account of the author’s own 5-day HST journey. ISBN-10: 194312602X ISBN-13: 978-1943126026