Plan & Go | The John Muir Trail is the ultimate guide on how to prepare for and hike one of the greatest trails in the world. Its main goal is to save you time, money, and make you feel confident about completing this awesome adventure. One after another, the book covers each topic you need to organize in advance: How do I get a permit? What are options for trailheads? How many days will it take me? Where can I send my resupply? What will the weather be like? How do I organize transportation? Plan & Go | The John Muir Trail also offers practical advice on athletic exercises, which food and what quantities to pack, how to pick gear and which work best, as well as various essentials for the trail. In addition, exclusive elevation profiles allow detailed daily distance planning, while checklists and a list of side trips ease preparation. Finally, facts and figures are rounded-off by the entertaining and highly motivating chronicles of the author’s 15-day trek among the breathtakingly beautiful High Sierra peaks. ISBN-10: 0692208933 ISBN-13: 978-0692208939