3 1/4 inch diameterCast in fine pewterFelt backingWith soft fleece pouchIn clear-vinyl covered boxPLACE NAME: Telescope PeakELEVATION: 11,049 ft.COORDINATES: N36° 10′ 11” W117° 05′ 16”LOCATION: Death Valley National Monument, California, USAMARKERSLEUTH PHOTO CONTRIBUTOR: Andrew Pelz, 1997Telescope Peak, at 11,049 feet, is the highest point of Death Valley National Monument. The elevation gain from the valley floor to the summit is over 11,300 feet. In the USA, only Mt. Rainier, Mt. Fairweather, and Mt. McKinley boast greater elevation gain.Its summit is snow-covered from mid-November to mid-April making it unavailable except to experienced and well-equipped climbers. All are advised to be well prepared.Death Valley and its surrounding mountain ranges, the Panamint and Black Mountains, are considered “basin and range” country. Geologic forces have separated and tilted the ranges and created a basin between them. The area boasts the highest mean summer temperatures, the lowest point in the western hemisphere, and proximity to the highest point in the continental United States–Mount Whitney 85 miles to the west.