By August Hess (Author) Born in 1914 at Mono Mills in California’s Eastern Sierra, Augie Hess’ century of life is told in his own colorful words. His father, born in Switzerland, worked as a miner, mechanic and blacksmith and helped develop the town of Lee Vining. Augie shares his Paiute mother’s culture, his school years in Lee Vining, Bishop, Seattle, and college in Pasadena. Always a talented athlete, he became a champion ski racer, baseball pitcher (scouted by the Pacific Coast League) and today remains a talented golfer. Augie worked as a cowboy, mucker in a gold mine, greased vehicles working on the Los Angeles Aqueduct and as an Army Air Corps mechanic during World War II, to keep war planes flying. A husband and father, he operated a gas station for four decades. This amazing life story touches every aspect of local life in the Mono Basin, shaped by 100 years of world history. ISBN-10: 1500191159 ISBN-13: 978-1500191153