* Stories from the worldís most experienced and respected climbers * Selections are united by the single compelling theme of big mountaineering attempts that didn’t succeed * Forewords by John Harlin and Mark Synott The Mountaineers Books publishes the best in climbing literature, boasting a list of books chronicling the greatest climbing adventures ever pursued. From H.W. Tilman and Eric Shipton to Mark Twight and John Sherman, Gloriious Failures has compiled and condensed the true stories of ill-fated mountaineering adventures. Glorious Failures is an engaging collection of the most famous and infamous almost-summits. Each of these early attempts often rival the first successful ascent in fame and notoriety. One example is the story of the 1956 American expedition to K2, which came tantalizingly close to the summit only to be forced back by illness and weather, is told in fascinating detail by Jim Curran. ISBN-10: 0898868254 ISBN-13: 978-0898868258