By Heather H-J Heaton (Author) Whether you are an armchair enthusiast or an experienced explorer, The Secret Life of Ancient Bristlecone Pines— Book One (third edition) provides remarkable insight into exceptional ancient trees that are scattered across an unrelenting landscape striking bold poses with their jagged limbs outstretched extending skyward. By blending elements of natural history, geology, and meteorology, a portrait emerges to reveal how the nature of things work in order for an extraordinary type of pine tree to live for thousands of years. The author also reveals the key role these remarkable pines played in recalibrating historical timelines. Interactive center bars engage readers by asking questions, providing food for thought, promoting responsible stewardship, and highlighting hiking essentials. As a recreational resource, this guide presents outstanding hiking trails, current camping connections, along with the best time to visit, detailed driving directions, and important contact information. ISBN-10 : 1542386764 ISBN-13 : 978-1542386760