By Heather Heaton (Author) Whether you are an armchair enthusiast or an experienced explorer, The Secret Life of Mono Lake—Vol. 2 (third edition) provides insight into an enigmatic lake that Mark Twain once called “one of the strangest freaks of nature in any land.” The author captures the uniqueness of the Mono Lake Basin through the geology and natural and cultural history of the area. A bold picture emerges to show us the importance of Mono lake as an international fly-way, a critical flora-and-fauna habitat, and a remarkable societal territory, while examining how the power of a grassroots organization saved this distinct lake that lost half of its water volume and doubled in salinity. Interactive center bars engage readers by asking questions, providing food for thought, promoting responsible stewardship, and highlighting hiking essentials. As a recreational resource, this guide presents outstanding hiking trails, current camping connections along with the best time to visit, driving directions, and contact information. ASIN : B00ES3NWE6