By David Carle (Author) “I thought I was in the forever business. National and state parks are supposed to preserve special places for all time. A certain job security had always gone along with that idea if you were a park ranger. But I’ve learned to never say forever.” Jack Morgan had been a park ranger at Saline Lake until the National Monument was shut down by a Congress determined to push back against environmentalism. Leading a search for a 17-year old boy hiking alone in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Jack uncovers connections with a dead man on the shore of Saline Lake, bludgeoned with a birdwatcher’s spotting scope. Tensions build in the local community as Jack’s knowledge of the landscape reveals a murderous plot that may end his own life, fueled by the inflammatory rhetoric of “People First!” radicals. ISBN-10 : 1475200544 ISBN-13 : 978-1475200546