By Jennifer Carey (Author), Marli Bryant Miller (Photographer) Even if they don’t know much about rocks, most folks can name at least one place they have encountered granite; but ask them about the rocks graywacke, gneiss, or rhyolite, and they may give you a funny look. That’s because speckled, sparkly, and beautiful granite is common and easy to identify. In everyday life you’ll find countertops, headstones, flooring–even whole buildings made of granite. In the natural world it forms random boulders in fields and many of the planet’s loftiest peaks. Commonness aside, no two granites are alike; it is a mysterious rock that crystallizes from magma miles and miles below the surface, far beyond the reach of human observation. The first title in the What’s So Cool About Geology Series, What’s So Great About Granite? brings this enigmatic rock to the light, exploring some of its mysteries with lively and lucid prose. Learn why some granite is pinkish while some is gray; why some granite crumbles in your hands while other granite can’t be crushed by a tank; and why some granite is solid and unbroken for miles while some is riddled with cracks. Illustrated with crisp, stunning photographs and informative figures, What’s So Great About Granite? is a must-have for anyone interested in one of the world’s most fascinating rocks. ISBN-10 : 0878425632 ISBN-13 : 978-0878425631