California is a great place for wild birds and the people who enjoy watching them. Over 600 bird species–about two-thirds of the birds found in North America–inhabit, migrate, or visit here, especially the varied habitats protected within California’s parks, forests, preserves, parks, and wildlife areas. This lavishly-photographed volume features usual and unusual birds in their wildland homes, throughout California seashores, deserts, mountains, wetlands, foothills, valleys, and chaparral country. The ever-present California Gull and the magnificent (and rare) California Condor are included plus 107 other species of wild birds. Extensive captions accompany more than 150 color photographs by some of Californias’ premier bird photographers. Wild Birds of California is a tribute to the Golden State’s tremendous wealth of wild birds and to the wild natural areas that sustain this abundance. These sanctuaries–nine National Parks, thirty-seven National Wildlife Refuges, eighteen National Forests and many other preserves, parks, and wildlife areas–protect exuberant concentrations of bird life and habitats critical to their life cycles.