Things to Do in The Alabama Hills

You can still do all of your favorite Alabama Hills activities! From climbing and horseback riding, to taking photos and touring film sites there is something for everyone out in the Alabama Hills!

Enjoy day-use only climbing areas. You no longer will have to travel into someone’s campsite to access your favorite route.

6 six porta potties (permanent restrooms coming soon!) have been placed in the Alabama Hills. Use these or pack out your solid human waste using a portable waste system (RV toilet, wag bag, portable toilet, etc.). Help us elimintate all signs of human waste and toilet paper in the hills!

Looking for information on movies and television shows filmed out in the Alabama Hills? Head over to the Museum of Western Film History’s website. They have great self-guided tours of some of the major film sites in the Alabama Hills.

  • Climb!

  • Tour film sites

  • Take a hike

  • Grab some photos

  • Mountain Bike/Ride your Horse

  • Enjoy a Scenic Drive