Welcome to the Alabama Hills National Scenic Area!

Nestled between the Inyo Mountains and the Sierra Nevada, the unique rock formations of the Alabama Hills have been cared for and enjoyed for generations. The Alabama Hills became a National Scenic Area in 2019 (one out of ten in the United States) and the first one managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

Visitors enjoy a diverse array of outdoor activities including photography, touring famous film locations, horseback riding, biking, rock climbing, hiking and exploring the natural arches, and viewing the swaths of wildflowers that bloom in spring.

What is a National Scenic Area? 

A National Scenic Area is a special designation by Congress for areas of scenic, cultural, and recreational value. On March 12, 2019, the Dingell Act designated the Alabama Hills as a National Scenic Area. Looking west into the Sierra, you see Tumanguya (the Shoshone name for Mount Whitney), the tallest peak in the continental U.S. When visiting the Alabama Hills, it’s easy to see why it was designated as a National Scenic Area!

Who Manages the Alabama Hills?

ESIA is a proud nonprofit partner organization with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)-Bishop Field Office. ESIA works closely with the BLM and the Alabama Hills Stewardship Group (AHSG) with the goal of keeping the Hills in as close to a natural state as possible for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

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Don’t Crush the Brush!

When you are visiting this place, please be mindful of where you walk or park your vehicle. Desert plants keep the soil healthy and provide homes and food for wildlife. They are specially adapted for their environment, and sagebrush can live up to 100 years old! However, these plants can be destroyed easily if trampled on by foot or vehicle. Please stick to existing trails and roads.

Things to Know about the Alabama Hills

  • There is very limited cell phone coverage; don’t depend on it.
  • There is no potable water; you must bring your own drinking water.
  •  In case of an emergency, call 911. For non-emergencies, call the Inyo County Sheriff (760) 878-0383.
  • The nearest hospital is the  Southern Inyo Hospital (760) 876-5501/501 E Locust Street, Lone Pine, CA.

Original Stewards

The indigenous people to this valley have resided here as their ancestors have for thousands of years. They ask you to respect and care for this land. Do not disturb or destroy anything that you find.


In the video below, learn about the plants and animals who call the Alabama Hills home and how they’ve adapted to be able to survive the harsh conditions.

 Geologic Story

The rocks of the Alabama Hills and the Sierra Nevada look very different from one another, but how different are they? Find out below in our three-part video series highlighting the geology of the Alabama Hills.

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