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Inyo County School Programs

ESIA interpretive staff help support the Inyo County Office of Education (ICOE) outdoor education program delivered to schools in the Owens Valley from Lone Pine to Round Valley. We assist with the monthly Taking Root Program, where 3rd grade students learn how to think like a naturalist by observing the world around them. In an outdoor setting, students learn to use their senses, curiosity, and imagination to ask questions and make intellectual and emotional connections with their environment.

Eastern Sierra Watershed Project

We also partner with ICOE’s Eastern Sierra Watershed Project (ESWP), offering field science opportunities to 2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classes. The field data obtained through ESWP is then used by the Lower Owens River Project to support the historic re-watering of the Lower Owens River. Students learn about watersheds, water quality, and water resources management through hands-on outdoor scientific data collection and experiments throughout the schoolyear.

Bishop Paiute Tribe’s Firstbloom Program

ESIA is honored to be working with the Bishop Paiute Tribe in supporting their 4th and 5th grade students program. Activities teach about the outdoors, sustainable recreation, and how to coexist in our natural world.

SnowSchool with Bishop & Mammoth Elementary Schools

A Winter Wildlands Alliance education program that provides a unique opportunity for fifth-graders to hop outside and learn firsthand about their watershed. Kids strap on snowshoes, dig pits, study snow crystals, and play in the snow to make a personal connection with the snowpack and the water they drink daily.
The Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association along with Friends of Inyo work together in Bishop and Mammoth Lakes. We combine a classroom visit with a day in the snow. If you are in the Eastern Sierra and would like SnowSchool brought to your classroom please reach out to .
This program is nationwide, working with 35,000 students at 70 different locations.
If you would like to support SnowSchool, please consider MAKING A DONATION and select “SnowSchool Fund”.
Additionally, we are seeking donations of gently used snow boots, snow pants, gloves, jackets, and other winter attire. Please email to arrange donation drop off/ pick up.