Activity 4 – Journey to Manzanar: BASKETBALL COURT

Basketball Court – Block 14

Basketball Court & Fun in Manzanar

Most in Manzanar passed the time at work or going to school, but they found time for recreation too, whether that be through playing games, sports, martial arts, or reading a book. Baseball was a particularly popular sport, but many blocks built their own basketball courts. Fun times still existed in a place like Manzanar, and sports were a welcomed a new distraction in camp.

Some played for the love of the game, others played as basketball was a link to normalcy. Japanese Americans were able to build leagues, form teams, and play the sport as much as they wished. Basketball was fun and competitive, serving as a beacon of hope for many.

Japanese Americans in the camps were allowed to play games with local high schools. Though Japanese Americans could not leave Manzanar, the local kids could come to them.

Basketball Court



If you lived in Manzanar, what sports would you play or what activities would you participate in to enjoy yourself? How would those sports/activities look different in camp than they would in your normal life?  In a few sentences, talk about what sports you would want to play or get going with other kids and grown ups.


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